Rubber and stainless steel expansion joints compensate expansions, vertical movement and installation inaccuracies in piping systems.
Typical applications are heating systems, drinking and service water systems, climate and refrigeration systems and cooling water lines.

Inferred from different qualities, which are matched to the respective media (such as heating water, cooling water, drinking water, oil, food). Our qualified engineers calculate piping diagrams on customer request and design particular compensators.

Flexible pipe connections by WILLBRANDT are high quality products that are extremely low-maintenance, safe in operation and durable.

Especially for HVACR systems, where piping, pumps, control valves and machines are in use, WILLBRANDT offers a full range of expansion joints consisting heat resistant rubber or stainless steel.

Expansion joints product range

  • Rubber expansion joints
  • Stainless steel expansion joints
  • Rubber-metal pipe connections
  • PTFE expansion joints
  • Fabric expansion joints
  • Compensators for the HVACR
  • Stainless steel corrugated tubes
  • Accessories, e.g. guide tubes, vacuum rings length limiter

A wide range of different types of expansion joints is available from stock.

The Company

WILLBRANDT rubber technology consistently specializes for decades on elastomer technology products and is known by its customers all over the world as a competent problem solver and supplier.

Company principles

  • Tailor-made solutions for our customers
  • Request and support of our motivated and creative employees
  • Cooperative dealing with our well-known suppliers
  • High quality of products through own development expertise
  • Hanseatic down-to-earthness and worldwide activities

An experienced team of engineers and application technicans supports our sales teams. Also extraordinary customer requirements are solved by many years of experience and innovative ideas.

Service package

  • Expert knowledge in the sound and vibration technology
  • Technical design of machine bearings and pipe connections
  • Vibration, solid-borne and airborne sound measurement on site
  • Own testing and research laboratory
  • Extensive measuring sensors for vibration and shock measurements
  • Development and production of customized Tilger- dissolutions
  • Design and construction of complete spring systems
  • Design of drive systems
  • Customer-specific product modifications

Our stand-alone locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover and Denmark secure regional proximity and fast response times.

They offer a high degree of specialization in product offerings and services:

  • Vibration technology
  • Expansion joints
  • Noise protection systems
  • Profiles and mouldings
  • Driving elements
  • Special seals
  • Rubber for ship and harbour

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