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From standard valves to tailor-made solutions - since 1885 the name of the medium-sized company Mankenberg has been synonymous with expertise and technical know-how in providing optimised solutions. More than 6,000 active customers speak for themselves.

Mankenberg valves have always been well-known for their affordability, functional reliability and long lifespan. It's not unheard of for our valves to have a usage period of 25 years or longer. The long life expectancy of our products commences with your individual consultation, product choice and finding the optimal solution for your application. A high degree of vertical integration at our location in Lübeck subsequently ensures quality, flexibility and high on-time delivery performance for your order.

We put our name behind:

  • competent consulting service and individual design of your valve
  • standard valves and customised solutions
  • supreme quality
  • products - Made in Germany
  • high on-time delivery performance
  • 25-year spare parts guarantee

Your advantages at a glance

Pressure reducing valve DM 582

Mankenberg Druckminderer

Excerpt from our variety

Pressure reducer for liquids and gases DM 582

completely made of stainless steel | can be used for liquids and gases | corrosion-resistant, lightweight and compact, control without auxiliary power | Pressure control without any pneumatic or electric control parts | easy maintenance due to clamp system - highest efficiency in compact design


Compact overflow valve 3.5 UV / 5.1

for small and medium-sized quantities | different throughputs (KVS-values) can be selected | can be used for liquids and gases | completely CrNiMo steel  deep-drawn | corrosion-resistant, lightweight and compact, control without auxiliary power | Long life, handy installation, easy to maintain through clamp system, pneumatic control unit possible, many versions and connection variants possible – highest efficiency in compact design


Compact standard air vents (small size) EB 1.12

for all pipe lines, tanks, etc. | EB 1.2 output on the side, EB 1.32 output upwards (also as a pure vents available), float controlled valve closing | suitable for all liquids (petrol, oils...), especially soft-sealing followed by soft sealed valve closing | completely CrNiMo steel, deep-drawn | corrosion-resistant, lightweight and compact, clamp system. in special materials available such as titanium, Hastelloy® , etc.


Steam traps for cold condensates KA 2K

in potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX - certificate | gas-tight also without liquid filling through soft sealed valve closing and sophisticated lever mechanism | Pressures in millibar range | completely CR-NI-Mo steel, deep-drawn, especially corrosion-resistant for aggressive media, very easy | easy installation, simple and low-cost maintenance through clamp system, long service life


Compact float valve of stainless steel

Supply or drain valve for closed containers | suitable for all liquids, even aggressive ones | completely CrNiMo-steel | robust technology, smooth surfaces, various sealing materials


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