Wear protective coating

Elastomer armoured protection of surfaces subject to high loads

The components in the plant engineering such as pumps, stirring units, pipe works and assembly parts are often exposed to application conditions of erosion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical aggression.

untreated. Cavitation at the rotor clearly visible

The thereby originated damages lead to:

  • Reduction of the effective level of efficiency of
  • your plant
  • higher energy costs
  • working interruption
  • your plant components

Through the investment in special surface coatings the service life of the components can here be greatly extended.


The application areas thereby are:

  • preventive coatings to new aggregates
  • regenerations of surface forms
  • repair applications
radiated rotor and with infiltration protection applied

Coating procedures:

  • cartridge spritz system of the elastomer armoured protection
  • ceramic epoxy coating
  • thermal spraying procedure
application of the coating

Application examples:

  • at rotors, pressure covers and casings
  • at stirring units blades, fastening bolts and casing parts
  • at retaining components, pipe elements, flanges
  • at shafts and shaft protective sleeves

Characteristics of the MetaLine® Products

  • baked in pourable or sprayable
  • food-safe (FDA certification)
  • adheres to steel, stainless steel, cast, aluminium, epoxy, concrete
  • extensible / non-shrink
  • vastly wear-resistant
  • solvent-free and non-toxic
  • quickly solidifying

We help you to diminish the downtime costs and reduce energy costs with our systems.