Sewage disposal service

Maintenance and repair

Effluent submersible pumps with or without cutter, agitators and swivel jets

With special lifting equipment we are able to draw out above-mentioned aggregates from your ducts and carry out repair work. In the process, such as the wheel - or agitator wing area is examined; the setting of the cutting tool is checked; the lock chamber fluid is controlled and insights about the state of the mechanical seal are won.
Our trained staff assesses of course the characteristic values of the motor. We include also the switching devices in these reviews.

Excrement lifting station

In these facilities the switching points,in addition to the possibly existing cutter, the engine mountings and the winding values as well as the reservoir with the integrated abrading components for pumps are proofed.
Also the barrier-, drain-, vent- and kickback-organs should be checked on these aggregates.

Eccentric screw pumps

Parts to check at these pumps are e.g. the rotor area, the stator area, the mechanical seal, the hinge, the probably attached gearboxes and the dry run protection.

solids shredder

Solids macerator

It is important to check the cutting device, the storage as well as the wear plates and the power transmission elements.

Material slider / diaphragm disc fan

Sealing elements are replaced.

Complete switching devices with and without frequency control also belong to the scope of services

Dry installed effluent pumps

In addition to the work mentioned with the heading "effluent submersible pumps", v-belt tension, engine mounting, engagements, bearing carrier oils and aggregate components are also checked.

Repair, maintenance and installation of screen and stage rake system, wash presses and screw-conveyors

Silk screen screws, screen rake facilities and stage rake systems often become inoperative through sand, stones and other solids in the municipal or industrial wastewater.
Our staff provides all services that should be provided in connection with these designated aggregates.