Testing after repair work and commissioning of ex equipment

A system that requires monitoring is only allowed to be used for the first time and after a significant change in operation if the system was tested by a competent person.

Inspection before initial operation

  • is carried out by approved monitoring body ZÜS (incl. installation condition, function, etc.)
  • can be alternatively done by a competent person from Mehner GmbH (based on resources according to 94/9/EC)

Repair of equipment

  • with replacement or addition of resources, change of engineering
  • Evaluate the relevance in terms of explosion protection and if necessary arrange a test

Competent personal explosion protection

  • testing of equipment and systems for the first time, recurring and after changes
  • inspection of equipment after repair (§ 14 (6)) type B

official recognition of the qualified person (type B) with the verification number: