Preventive maintenance and diagnostic

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Pump diagnostics

The following parameters are recorded and documented in the ongoing production process:

A statement about the course of the characteristic curve of the used pump can be found by the summary of this information at any time.

  • the pressure upstream of the pump
  • Motor current consumption
  • the pressure downstream of the pump
  • the flow rate of the pump

Vibration measurement

Through the use of a special vibration measurement system, we are able to make assessments of bearings and of the effective vibration velocity of rotating machines.

Laser measurement technology

For the alignment of pumps, especially aggregats with large drive power, we perform the most accurate setting work and document it.

Pump and motor test bench

We can carry out comprehensive, verifiable inspections of pumps and motors in our workshop or on site.

Computer program SERVIDAT 3.0

For our customers we have developed a computer program, which can record the various components and catalog them.
It is possible to create a cost center for each device and to monitor the expenditure per unit.