Endress + Hauser


Fluid analysis

pH/redox, conductivity, oxygen, turbidity, chlorine, nutrients, organic load


With glass electrodes and glassless IsFET electrodes we offer a complete range of sensors for all applications- of course with our proven, standardized Memosens technology. We offer solutions for simple, manual measuring points up to fully automated measuring systems.



Conductive sensors with Memosens technology for pure and ultrapure water analysis. Inductive sensors for chemical processes as well as sensors with certified hygiene for food/Pharma; Calibration system Conducal.


Turbidity / suspended solids

Optical sensors on the basis of the Memosens technology which work according to a 90° scattered light method as well as sensors that use the four beam alternating light methods for lowest concentrations and ultrasound measurement of sludge level.



Amperometric and optical sensors with Memosens technology for continuous measurement of the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water supply and for the measurement of trace oxygen.



Amperometric sensors with Memosens technology to disinfect drinking water and bathing water. Flow valve for the simultaneous measurement of pH/redox and chlorine.



Photometric and ion-selective analysis systems for water and wastewater monitoring to ensure quality and optimize costs. The devices monitor nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and organic pollution reliably.


Measuring transducer

Extra large display with clear text and operation from navigation to softkeys, flexible modular concept, four-wire, multi channel and multi parameter device, two-wire device as ex and non-ex version available, housing from hard plastic and stainless steel, communications®, PROFIBUS®, FOUNDATIONI fieldbus.



Immersion and installation valves with all current process connections, automatic change fittings made of various materials, including EHEDG certification; also suitable for fully automatic calibration and cleaning of the pH measuring point.



Portable and stationary sampling for automatic sampling, distribution and safe storage of liquid samples.



Measurement of process pressure / differential pressure in liquids, gases or vapours


A compact pressure transducer with preset range. The range includes rugged ceramic sensors for absolute - and gauge pressure up to 40 bar or metal sensors up to 400 bar.


Pressure switch

For safe measurement and monitoring of absolute pressure and pressure in gases, vapours, liquids and dusts. Smooth operation with display and local conditions, as well as rapid and flexible process integration through modular adapter system.


Analog and digital transmitters

Flexible device platform with industry-specific options such as FDA compliant materials and aseptic terminals for hygienic applications. The analog and digital transmitters are available with 2WD Electronics: analog, HART®, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION fieldbus.


Digital transmitter

With this high-end pressure transmitters a comprehensive security package combined with an intelligent operation and device concept is available. The HISTO-ROM provides a reliable data management. The digital transmitters are designed, constructed and manufactured according to SIL 2/3IEC61508.




Reliable measurement of liquids, gases and vapours


ProLine Pro measurement for the high-precision mass flow measurement of liquids and gases with special long term stability in process. Multi variable sensors enable the simultaneous detection of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity. Regardless of the physical properties of the test substance. Nominal diameter: DN 1-350.



Universal measuring principle for all conductive liquids. Virtually independent of temperature, pressure, density and viscosity. Measures even solids liquids such as ore slurry, pulp paps etc. Since 1976 more than 1 million PROLINE ProMag were installed by Endress + Hauser!
Nominal diameter: DN 2 to 2400.



ProLine Prowirl, reliable all-rounder for the measurement of liquids, gases and vapours. Extremely robust – high resistance to external vibrations, temperature shocks, dirt and water hammers. Largely independent of changes in pressure, temperature and viscosity. High long-term stability, no zero point drift.
Nominal diameter: DN 15 to 300.



Sensors and transmitters for process industries

Head transmitter

For connection head form B according to DIN EN 50446.


Rail mounted transmitter

For a secure, process-oriented transmission of the sensor signal.


Field transmitter

With local display (optional) for optimum safety and reliability.


Resistance thermometer

Choose from a wide range of process valves, mineral-insulated conductors and interchangeable measuring inserts. Also in compact design with M12 - or 7/8" connector available for a simple and safe connection.



To the measurement at high temperatures even under the most difficult conditions.


Temperature switch

For monitoring, displaying and controlling the process temperature. Available with various process connections (standard and hygienic design). The sensors are suitable for use in measuring ranges from 50°C to + 200°C.


System components

Systemtechnische Komponenten

Feeding, disconnecting, evaluating

In addition to the field measurement Endress + Hauser offers also components such as display, separator or supply devices, which were designed to round out your measuring point at the field level.

Furthermore, we offer systems which allow you to determine the energy consumption in your processes and to monitor it continuously.

Digital process transmitter with control unit

The process transmitter supplies the measuring transducer  and processes its analog signals. The propagation of signals, intermediate values and results from calculations and evaluations is done in analog or digital form.


Process indicator

The process indicators provide transmitters and their analog signals. These are best represented by the backlit LCD display.


Steam machine measures

The steam machine measures the mass and energy flow from saturated or superheated steam based on flow rate, temperature or pressure. It is designed for the use in steam distribution.


Feeding separator

The isolator is used for the galvanic separation of 4...20 mA signal circuits. A bi-directional HART® communication with measuring instruments is possible.


Calibratable thermal energy meter for liquids

The thermal energy meter measures the energy flow in a heating / cooling system based on the flow rate and the temperature at in and output unit of a heat exchanger.


Registration technology


Digital recording and analysis of measurement data

The recording of measurement data is one of the key tasks in process engineering. Endress + Hauser has played an outstanding role in the development of procedures for data recording and is now worldwide technology and market leader in the field of paperless data recording. Virtually no other manufacturer can offer such a wide range of products for registry and data recording - from loggers for various industrial purposes such as sterilization, water and wastewater monitoring, threshold value monitoring of levels with warning by SMS and monitoring of milk pasteurization to the remote monitoring of pipelines.

Field Data Manager

Field Data Manager (FDM) is a software that provides a centralized data management with a visualization of the stored data. This enables the complete documentation of the data of one measurement point, from the results of diagnostic events to SQL database with tamper proof data storage.

Datalogger Minilog B

Data collector with an analogue and digital input for recording and storage of analogue and digital values.


Screen writer and multi channel display

The Ecograph T is a modern multi channel solution that guarantees all requirements for displays, recording, monitoring and communication.


Memograph M data manager

The new generation of videographic recorders for storing, visualizing, analyzing and communicating of process values. The innovative device impresses with its high degree of functionality, the modular design and intuitive operation.


Level - continuous measurement

for liquids and bulk solids

The wide range of measurement principles, which can be chosen today makes it possible to find a tailor-made solution for every task. No principle is suitable for all areas of application. It is important to select measuring systems which function reliably under the application-specific conditions and rest the economic considerations of tomorrow at the same time.

Continuous measurement
This involves the continuous measurement of the level of a medium. In addition to the direct measurement of the filling height in meters (up to 70 m), the filling volume in a tank can also be determined indirectly. Container geometry as well as media properties need to be considered. Accuracies are given up to ±1 mm for applications of the inventory management.

Radiation-based measurement

Contact-free from the outside for all applications where extreme conditions (e.g., toxic or highly aggressive media) are found. Independent of the medium, temperature and process pressure.


Guided wave radar

Continuous, non-contact measurement of liquids and bulk solids. Independent of humidity, density, dielectric constant. Reliable and secure interface measurement with emulsion layers.
Temperatures up to 450°C, pressures up to 400 bar.



Continuous, contact-free measurement in liquids and solids - even under extreme conditions regardless of formation of gas, steam, vacuum. Temperatures up to 400°C, pressures up to 160 bar.



Continuous, contact-free measurement in liquids and bulk solids. Independent of DK value, density, conductivity.
Temperatures up to 150°C, pressures up to 4 bar.


Elektromechanic perpendicular system

Robust, mechanical system for measurement of bulk solids in applications with high containers (up to 70 m). Not affected by dust. Temperatures up to 230°C, pressures up to 3 bar.



Fill level optimized pressure sensor for the measurement of liquids, pastes and sludges. Independent of foam formation and changing the fill properties. Temperatures up to 400°C, pressures up to 40 bar.


Differential pressure

Level measurement in closed, pressurized containers. Unaffected by dielectric constant, foam, turbulence or obstacles.
Temperatures up to 400°C, pressures up to 420 bar.



Continuous level measurement in liquids, even with aggressive media and strong building of occur; condensation-resistant.
Temperatures up to 200°C, pressures up to 100 bar.


Filling level – limit level detection


for liquids and bulk solids

Level detection
The task is to prevent overcrowding or excessive discharge of containers or to protect the pump against dry running. Talking about level detection, the fast, reliable function and a good reproducibility are essential.


Simple, inexpensive level detection in conductive liquids such as water, sewage, liquids etc. Temperatures up to 250°C, pressures up to 160 bar.



Level detection in liquids and bulk materials. Even with aggressive media and strong building of occur; condensation-resistant.
Temperatures up to 400°C, pressures up to 100 bar.


Vibronic for solids

Level detection in all types of bulk goods up to a maximum particle size of approx. 10 mm. Calibration-free, maintenance-free.
Temperatures up to 280 °C, pressure up to 25 bar.


Vibronic for liquids

Level limit switch for all fluids – even with building of occur, turbulence or air bubbles. Independent of the electrical properties of the medium.
Temperatures up to 280 °C, pressures up to 100 bar.


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