The efficient automation of swivel valves with the pneumatic production series.


Pneumatic swivel drives actubar®

  • 16 drive sizes with torque from 3 up to 6.000 Nm
  • double- and single-acting version
  • ATEX-compliant, SIL 3-classified
  • according to standards VDI/VDE 3845 and 3847, EN ISO 5211, NAMUR
  • temperature range: -40 to +160°C
  • various coatings for different environment conditions
  • direct installation of accessories via the patented "vacotrol" interface
  • stainless steel design

The accessories for our pneumatic drive systems


limit switch boxes

  • housing material: plastic, aluminium, stainless steel
  • swivel angle range: up to 180°
  • temperature range: -40 to + 70°C
  • micro switch-, proximity switch-designs
  • ATEX compliant version
  • AS-interface


  • all relevant signal inputs and outputs as a standard
  • double - and single-acting version
  • all security functions available (NC, NO, FS)
  • Alle Sicherheitsfunktionen verfügbar (NC, NO, FS)

3 Position control

  • double - and single-acting
  • all security functions available (NC, NO, FS)

Solenoid valves

  • housing materials: aluminium, stainless steel
  • temperature range: -40 to + 70°C
  • ATEX compliant version

Pressure booster

Emergency gear box (hand-operated)

Compressed air processing

Datasheet as PDF

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